The why of the name

Why Meadow & Thicket? Well, hope you are sitting down, or in some comfortable stance, because this is a bit long… just like the name, far too long if you follow all the marketing rules.. but naming isn’t about following rules.  It’s about being enchanted.  When I was little I adored “Anne of Green Gables” and the “Secret Garden” and Louisa May Alcott’s “Flower Fables”.  What still resonates in my body and mind about the stories in those books is the feeling of the fields and forests, glades and streams.  Whole universes of beauty and magic, right there, out windows, just beyond the walls… I can smell the cherry blossoms outside Anne’s gable window right now while I type this, except that they smell like the mayday tree outside of my not-gabled window in Edmonton when I was growing up.  I so wished I had a Violet Vale or a rose thicket-guarded secret garden to escape to, but I did have alfalfa hay fields a 10 minute bike-ride away and I had that mayday tree and I had the stories.  As a teen, I should have moved on I suppose, but these remained my favorites and they were then complimented by a set of Jill Barklem’s Brambly Hedge stories.  Exquisitely illustrated and enchantingly told stories about a magical but welcoming place that you could find “if you look very hard amongst the tangled roots and stems”….

So when it came to naming this place, the process was indelibly scented with all those stories.  The fact that we are in Wildwood was already a good omen!   And this land is that…wild tangled woods of willow and trembling aspen, spruce, snowberry and alder on gently rolling hills that ebb away into vales also filled with the thickets that co-create the streams of cool, moist, fragrant air trickling down with the snowmelt and rain water to the Lobstick river.  These wild thickets embrace the small cleared fields that have turned into meadows of brilliant purple asters, pink and red wild rose,  yarrow and a regal relative of angelica, along with too many others to name here…how could it be anything except Meadow & Thicket and all the enchantment that name implies?

Now I could go on about how Meadow & Thicket is also symbolic of the “both-and” philosophy/fact of life/way of being that I embrace more and more each day, but let’s leave it there for now…can you smell the fragrance yet?