We are a small farm located near Wildwood, Alberta, our specialty is growing “buckets full of beautiful” and unique cut flowers for blossom lovers.

Our Story

Meadow and Thicket is an old farm, but we are new to it. Like us, it has had a few lives. We found it when we finally realized that time was running out to immerse ourselves quietly and deliberately in the nurturing of a piece of land, living with and from it.

We carefully tend the soil in a small, intensively managed, part of the farm that then grows buckets and buckets of all kinds of flowers and plants that will light you up! The remainder of the farm is comprised of meadows and thickets (see the blog for “the why of the name”) that are left wild, as those areas are marginal for agriculture, but superb for wildlife and birds and insects.

My name is Clara and I am the chief flower farmer and soil tender. My husband Don designs and builds all the infrastructure that make the flower production possible. I have a background in soil, agriculture and environmental science and love soils, everything that grows in them and the watersheds they are a part of. My previous vocations included more than a decade in reclamation research and a concurrent 10 years volunteering on two international development projects dear to my heart related to small scale agriculture in El Salvador. Nurturing the soil, loving this land, and growing flowers with gentle but focused attention to the processes that yield perfect blooms to delight your spirit is my joy.


For Blossom Lovers

Blossoms that nourish your yearning for natural beauty, a boost for your spirit and creativity, pure delight…those are the things what we hope to provide to you when you take home our flowers!

We grow many varieties of flowers. The selection changes each year, but sweet peas and dahlias are always grown in abundance and, like all farming or gardening operations, mother nature has the final say in what we are able to bring to market. I document what is blooming each week on the Meadow & Thicket Instagram account. For those with allergies, we do offer flowers with no scent, and with all the glorious color of many of the scented species and varieties.

Bouquet Subscriptions

We are offering Bouquet Subscriptions for those looking for a weekly dose of beauty.  Pick up is at the City Market (Saturdays) in Edmonton.

For Florists

Our goal is to grow the most diverse range of flowers and the most perfect blooms you can find locally.  However, because we are a small farm, we can only take pre-bookings for event flowers.   If you are interested in particular blooms or colors for your 2019 events, please contact Clara at clara@meadowandthicket.ca to discuss how we can ensure they are in our 2019 selection!

Get Free Flowers While Helping us Help the Soil

Bouquet Bags

As we all know, compost happens. I am hoping you will work with me to make it happen more often! We put a lot of care and organic nutrition into our soils to ensure our flowers are glowing with health, vibrant colour and fragrance, and will have a long life in your vase. All that care and feeding ends up in the stems and petals of the flowers you enjoy. You can help to build the soil here at the farm, now and for future generations, if you will bring your “past-their-prime” (okay, even completely dead!) flowers back to us so that we can include them in our compost process and close the soil fertility loop, putting them back into the soil that nourished them.

When your flowers are past their prime, just fold them up (or chop them if you have time) and stuff them into a bag. Bring the bag with you to the market and we will give you a 10% discount off your next purchase! If you note on the bag how many days your flowers gave you joy, we will take another 5% off! This information helps us become better growers and ensure our flowers are having the longest possible vase life and give you the most pleasure possible. And those old flowers will be returned to the soil in which they were grown to nourish the next harvest.

Fall Leaves

Do you have a yard with trees? Do you rake and bag them each fall? If you set aside your bagged leaves for us this fall, we promise to come and pick them up in a timely fashion and to use them in our composting processes and as a natural weed control mulch in our flower and shrub beds. For doing this we will give you a $20 gift certificate for you to use for flowers the upcoming year! Talk to Clara at the market or send me an email or text to coordinate logistics. Thank you so much for helping us nourish our soil and grow more “buckets full of beautiful” for you!

Where you can find us

Our 2018 market season has wrapped up, thank you SO much to all who visited us at our booth, your support and enthusiasm absolutely made our year!  We can’t wait to see you in 2019 when we will be back with many more “buckets full of beautiful” flowers, in the meantime, don’t forget that the City Market Downtown runs all winter at City Hall, I hope to run into you there sometime when I am shopping!

Blossoming in Zone 2